PerMix Sigma Mixers have been leading the industry in engineering, innovation, performance, & quality since 1954. Whether you are making the morning pastries that feed the morning crowd or extruding silicone that make the gaskets to seal a leaky valve. Whether you are mixing plant-based proteins to tantalize the taste buds or creating a concoction to keep up safe & healthy from a villainous bacteria, PerMix Sigma Mixers meet the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in mind.

From a standard sigma mixer with over 5 different designs of mixing arms to the ability to mix under vacuum while heating & cooling, our sigma mixers have more sizes and configurations available than any other manufacturer in the industry, all while keeping performance & quality in mind, while fitting the budgets of all. This also includes the ability to mix & extruder with our Sigma Mixtruders, which combine mixing & extrusion in one unit.

For more information about PerMix Sigma Mixers & Sigma Mixtruders, contact one of our PerMix Global Offices.