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PerMix Meets The Demands Of Newly Weds Foods With Our Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers

PerMix single shaft fluidized zone mixers are high performance powder mixers that are perfect for food manufacturing facilities & bakeries. The single shaft mixers features all the advantages of the dual shaft fluidized zone mixers yet have a smaller footprint, fitting perfectly where ribbon mixers used to be in the production line.

Why are so many production lines replacing their ribbon mixers with fluidized zone mixers? Because of their high performance, low/no shearing capabilities, yet mixing times are reduced by 50-75% when compared to ribbon mixers. This allows companies to increase production with ease.

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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixers: Mixing Difficult & Multiple Density Products Rapidly With No Shearing

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From food manufacturers to pharmaceutical manufacturers, agricultural to cosmetics, when manufacturers have the need to mix products of various densities that are difficult, they turn to the Fluidized Zone Mixers. The single or double shaft fluidized zone mixers create a mixing effect that causes ingredients to be mixed in a “fluidized zone” which is a zone that is created inside the mixing chamber where the ingredients mix in the air. The paddles mix the products by flinging the ingredients into the air “breaking gravity” and mixing rapidly yet gently. This type of mixing can decrease mixing times by 50-75%, depending on ingredients.

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