PerMix Engineering Team Presents: Mixing Abrasives While Saving Space.

Ceramic materials possess such abrasive and voluminous characteristics and PerMix’s Conical Screw Mixer is the perfect choice for such an application whether in powder/slurry form. The gentle agitation mechanism imparts minimum wear making it suitable for abrasives like silicon carbide & zirconium oxide.

The Indian Ceramics Market is growing rapidly and is forecasted to grow at CAGR of 11.5% during 2020-2025. To meet the processing needs of the Indian Ceramic Market PerMix has engineered the Conical Screw Mixer.

Some of the advantages offered by Conical Screw Blender are:
-High efficiency & excellent homogeneity with lower mixing time.
-Most gentle mixing with no shearing effect
-Low heat generation, suitable for heat-sensitive products.
-No minimum volume is required.
-No sealing/bearing exposed to the product thus free of contamination by lubricating liquids.
-Minimal dust

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