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50 Years in Business

PerMix Lab/R&D Vacuum Sigma Mixers, Driven By Perfection, Perfected By Design

Vacuum Sigma Mixers For All Applications & Size Requirements

PerMix has the most mixers models & sizes available of any mixer manufacturer & we lead the industry in innovation, performance, quality, & pricing, setting the standards others follow. This makes us the most disruptive brand, winning the hearts of our customers.

Here is our 1-liter vacuum sigma mixer that is complete with heating/cooling jacket. The unit was made with a very simple design in regards to manual tilting and features interior lighting, perfect for the customer’s needs & budget.

Come see the PerMix difference.

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PerMix Vacuum Mixers & Dryers Lead In Innovation, Performance, Quality, & Pricing

PerMix Vacuum Mixers & Dryers have been leading the industry in innovation, performance, quality, & price since 1954. Whether you are looking for a Lab/R&D vacuum mixer & dryer of 5 liters or a production model of 30,000 liters, our vacuum mixers & dryers are designed to meet your needs today, while keeping the demands of the future in mind. Our Hybrid Vacuum Mixers & Dryers even have interchangeable agitation, allowing users to change from plow mixer to paddle mixer, and even a ribbon mixer if needed.

Our cantilever-designed opening even allows for full access to the interior, allowing for ease of cleaning and maintaining without increasing footprint.

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PerMix Custom Engineered Vacuum Paddle Mixers & Dryers For High-Temperature Mixing & Condensate Recovery

High Temperature Mixing & Drying With Vapor/Condensate Recovery Made Easy With PerMix Vacuum Paddle Mixers & Dryers

PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovation & performance since 1954 and our vacuum paddle mixers & dryers are a perfect example of this industry leadership.

This vacuum paddle mixer & dryer was designed to operate at high temperatures of 325•C under full vacuum to quickly mix powders, add in liquids, then dry the powders while recovering the vapor/condensate.

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PerMix Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixers & Dryers

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PerMix Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixer & Dryer For High Temperature Lab Mixing

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovative & performance-based mixing solutions that are affordable & our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers are a perfect example of this. Our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers & dryers are ideal for Lab/R&D applications as well as high production areas.

This vertical vacuum ribbon mixer was designed for mixing metal powders under high temperatures. It has high pressure, ASME certified jacket, and the interior is vacuum rated. The interior is polished to minimize residue upon discharge of products. It was also designed with gas purging.

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PerMix PAM Vertical Vacuum Mixers & Mixers/Dryers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: The Ultimate Performance & Versatility In Vertical Mixers

PerMix has been leading the industry in innovation and engineering, setting the standards others follow since 1954. Our combination of innovation, performance, quality and pricing has made us the most disruptive brand in the industry.

Our PAM Vertical Mixers offer the most versatility ever seen in a vertical mixer. The ability to quickly & efficiently mix products with low shear when needed & at the same time offer shearing through the addition of optional choppers allow flexibility in processing, meeting the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow open. The specially designed agitation combines all the advantages of a ribbon mixer with all the advantages of a paddle mixer giving the customer the ultimate in performance & versatility.

The advantages of a vertical mixer over a horizontal mixer are many, including greater flexibility of batch size as the vertical mixer has a lower minimum batch size, offering the ability to run small batches if desired. Another advantage of vertical mixing is the ability to has less waste & product loss versus horizontal mixing. A typical horizontal mixer with a center bottom discharge has up to 5 – 10% product loss. A vertical mixer, since gravity assist with emptying products during discharge, and the cone shape of the vessel, only 0.5-1% of product loss is seen.

With the ability to add an ASME certified heating & colling jacket, even in multi-zones, as well as the ability to add internal vacuum, the PAM mixer also gives the ability to mix & dry at the same time. When considering heat transfer, vertical mixers offer a greater amount of surface area for heat transfer to be more effective compared to horizontal mixers.

Come see the PerMix difference.


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