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PerMix Shear Pump

PerMix Shear Pumps combine the advantage of both a centrifugal pump and an inline high shear mixer. It achieves the balance of pumping efficiency and shearing energy.

PerMix Shear Pumps have a pair of stators & rotors, and the rotor is combined with a pumping impeller in the center and a toothed ring.

By this design, the Shear Pump is able to keep a medium shearing performance while giving a fairly large pumpingcapability. When a higher shearing is required, the customer can go for the PerMix PC series Inline Emulsifying Mixer. PerMix PCH Shear Pump is designed and built in all stainless steel, especially for hygienic applications, for example, dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.


By installing an optional hopper or a feeding table, the PerMix ShearPump is converted to a Powder Induction Mixer, to be able to dissolve/disperse free-flowing powder material into light liquid in a quite fast and efficient way.

The Powder Induction Mixer is built in all stainless steel; with single or double mechanical sealing to be selected according to different materials. The PCH Shear Pump can be easily cleaned with a CIP (Clean In Place) system to save time and labor.


  1. Compact and streamlined design
  2. All built-in stainless steel, with a stainless steel motor shroud
  3. Easy assembly and disassembly
  4. Free flow powder induction, high efficiency, free of lumps and fish-eyes
  5. 90% process time reduction compared with conventional agitator mixing
  6. CIP available
  7. Interchangeable stator rotor of various types for different purposes


PerMix Shear Pump Specifications

• Food & Beverage
Butter, Canned foods, Cheese, Condiments, Dairy, Dressings, Flavorings, Ice cream, Juices, Ketchup, Salads, Syrup, and Yogurt.
• Pharmaceuticals
Cough syrup, Emulsion, Medicine, Ointment, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Veterinary drug.
• Cosmetics
Cream, Detergent, Gels, Hair conditioner, Lotions, Shampoo, Toothpaste.

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