Ribbon Blender

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Similar Words: Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Type Powder Mixer

The PerMix PRB series Ribbon Blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry powders, granules and viscous pastes homogeneously. It is able to give perfect result for mixing due to the innovative design of spiral agitator inside of its U-shape chamber.

PerMix designs our PRB Ribbon Blender which is able to achieve a maximum mixture ratio of 1:500,000, which means you can get the desired mixture proportion of components in as small as 1 gram with a batch of 500kg.

Due to its less aggressive mixing, PRB Ribbon Blenders ask for relatively lower power consumption compared with PTS Plow Mixers.


The basic unit of PRB Ribbon Blender consists of one electrical motor, one reduction gear, coupling, and shaft with spiral agitator. The shaft is sealed with bush & PTFE gland housing at both ends. Materials are loaded from top side, and the discharge is located at the bottom side in the center. The discharge height can be adjusted as per requirement, so that material gets discharged into the container below it without floating dust.


During the mixing operation of the PRB Ribbon Blender, materials are moved in a way that a part of them from center to the ends of container, while simultaneously the other part from end walls to the center; besides, materials are also lifted by the double-ribbon agitators and then drops by gravity. With such a three-dimensional motion, the total materials in the trough can be mixed efficiently within a short time.


– Construction material
We are able to offer mixers with contact part to be built by Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc. For abrasive materials we offer hardened steel as the contact part. Also we produce mixers all by stainless steel in order to meet the high hygienic requirement.

– Different types of ribbon for various applications
PerMix provides different ribbon types for various applications: standard ribbon agitator for center discharge, interrupted ribbon for high density materials, and continuous ribbon agitator for end discharge (for continuous operation).

– Safety approaches
PerMix designs our mixers with different approaches for operation safety in accordance with European and USA rules, which include: safety grid for loading port, interlocking system with limit switches, etc. Special requirements can be provided as options.

Other options including but not limited to: Vessel jacket for heating/cooling, Continuous operation, Vacuum drying & deaerating, Spray nozzle, Customized feeding & discharging, A variety of drive system, Extended height bases.