Liquid Agitator

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PerMix designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of Liquid Agitators to suit every process requirement. Since our foundation, we have been providing agitators & mixing systems for customers all over the world, using cutting edge mixing and process technology, serving a broad range of industries.

In some cases, only one agitator with a single impeller would do the job well, but complicated condition also asks for several agitators with more than one impeller on each agitator to work together. Because there are so many choices of impellers available, it is always a big challenge for the users to choose the right impellers and their combinations in order to get the best solution. PerMix is always ready to face the big challenge with our years of experience.

We offer a lot of impeller types for agitators

– Anchor
Laminar flow, high viscosity between 5,000 and 100,000 cPs

– Gate
Laminar flow, high viscosity between 5,000 and 100,000 cPs

– Helical ribbon
Axial movement of the liquid; suitable for very high viscosity up to 25,000,000 cPs

– Hydrofoil
High efficiency impeller, excellent pumping ability with a strong axial flow, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 10,000 cPs

– Marine propeller
Most common type of mixing impeller, most effective axial flow, used at high speeds (750-3000rpm) with low viscosity fluids less than 4000 cPs

– Pitch blade (Turbine)
Combined axial and radial flows, especially effective for heat exchange, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 10,000 cPs

– Rushton
Radial flow impeller; for low to medium viscosity fluids, generating strong top-to-bottom flows with suitable baffles

– Saw disc
High speed impeller for dispersion applications, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 50,000 cPs, but up to several hundred thousand cPs when used in conjunction with multi-shaft mixers

– UZ
Suitable for low to medium viscosity, used widely in food, beverage and dairy industries

– And many other special types…

You are welcome to send us an inquiry for a tailor-made solution for your special processing!