3D Mixer

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The PerMix PTU series 3D Mixer is used for homogeneous mixing of powdery substances with different specific weights and particle sizes. Producing dry-to-wet and wet-to-wet mixtures is also possible. The production process is hygienic and dust-free because the product is mixed in independent containers of variable sizes.

During the mixing process the powder moves on a random direction from center to the end of the trough and on the same time from top to the bottom. In such a multi-dimensional way, the PTU 3D Mixer needs only short mixing time and relatively low power consumption. The mixer’s “Gentle” mixing action is good for final products that are sensitive to high shear of the mixer and tend to break or to reduce their particles size, or are highly abrasive.


1) Excellent homogeneity of the mixture due to interaction of rotation, translation and inversion, with no dead points, allows a complete discharge of the mixing tank with min. mixed material residue and easy cleaning.

2) Sizes from 5 to 300 liters total volume as standard, but bigger size can be offered as per request.

3) Design of separate trough by fast clamping connection to the mixer, therefore no contamination and emissions, no extra cleaning, and fast change-over

4) On small models, interchangeable mixing trough with different sizes are possible, for example, PTU-15 mixer to be accommodated with trough of 5, 10, 15 liters

5) Safety fence or cage to prevent human injury

6) Easy to convert the machine for vacuum loading for better GMP results