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Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry in Plow Mixer technology, manufacturing Vale Added Engineered products that outperform our competitors, offer the best warranty, while also guaranteeing the best price.

Double Cone Mixer Introduction

The PerMix Double Cone Mixers are one type of Tumbler Mixers, which perform the mixing by turning the vessel around the shaft. They are unique mixers suitable for rapid and uniform mixing of free-flowing dry powders, granules, and crystals. With the simplest structure among all mixers, double cone mixers are featured for low investment, easy operation, discharging without residual, quick cleaning, and simple maintenance.

The PerMix PDC series Double Cone Mixer provides a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in a proportion of up to 1:100.000 with the possibility of using an intensifier bar to enhance the mixture, and solids/liquids in powder or granulate form with different specific weights.

  • Double cone mixers have minimized distortion to the materials due to absence of any moving blades
  • Double cone mixers have no contamination due to the closed area by only stainless steel walls
  • Double cone mixers are especially suitable to mix powders or granules which are temperature sensitive, easily oxidizable, crystallized, volatile, poisonous or with irritating smell
  • Many options are available as variable speed, automatic stop in discharge position, air operated valve, touch screen operating panel, safety fence, etc.

Double Cone Mixers

  1. Full stainless steel construction for hygienic requirement
  2. Internal choppers
  3. Vacuum drying execution with heating jacket
  4. Special spray unit
  5. Safety fence

a. Pharmaceuticals
Supplements, Active ingredients, Silica, Sugar, Tablet coating
b. Food & Beverage
Sugar, Aspartame, Fragrance, Spice, Dextrin, Chocolate mixes
c. Cosmetics & Daily Care
Baby powder, Tooth paste, Cosmetic creams, Detergents, Cleaning compounds
d. Chemicals
Graphite, Alumina, Inorganic powder, Dye stuff, Silica, Adhesives, Agricultural supplements, Plastic powders, Colored cement mixes, Glass ingredients, Insulation materials

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