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PerMix mixers are known as the most disruptive brand in the industry. Our mixing solutions offer the most innovative features, followed by unsurpassed performance, combined with Value Added Engineering & competitive pricing, allow us to set the standards other brands follow.

What Is The Difference Between Selling & Branding & How PerMix Became The Most Disruptive Global Brand In The Industry?

In 1954 when PerMix first started, the focus was on manufacturing the finest mixing solutions across all industries under OEM contracts. As a result, PerMix has built some of the largest & best-known brands in the industry. The selling of our mixing solutions into the industries was great and PerMix built a successful company from OEM manufacturing, proving our innovation & engineering, performance, quality, & service was top tier.

We as manufacturers manufacture our products for two reasons. Either to increase our revenue or increase the customer’s revenue. There is a difference between the two and knowing the difference will empower some who choose to manufacture for the latter. 

Our company is a company that manufactures products focusing on sustainability. Companies that focus on sustainability get the fact that the item they are manufacturing is a “Revenue Generating Asset” to the buyer. The buyer is purchasing this product because they need it to increase production, decrease labor costs, while increasing the quality of the product. When they choose a product to purchase they expect a quick return on their investment so they can recover the cost of the purchase, then increase their revenue once the item is paid for. And this is exactly why we manufacture our products and what the difference between selling & branding is.

We take it a step further though by adding one of the best warranties in the industry. Knowing that an ROI on our products takes an average of 4 to 6 months, we back our products with a 2 year warranty. Giving the customer 1.5 years of revenue-generating with the asset and no worries. Returning to them the true meaning of why they purchase equipment and making them feel good about the purchase. They know for 1.5 years they will not have to worry about anything.

We choose to manufacture this way, changing the industry, hopefully, for the better. We do this for the Production Line, Chefs, Researchers, Scientists, Chocolatier, or any other customer that chooses our products over another. We do this because we get why our customers are purchasing the equipment and why they chose us. More importantly, we do this because we also know what they do not expect. They do not expect a unit that breaks down. They do not expect poor customer service. They do not expect to be paying for repairs 13 months after they purchased the units, eating up all their profits they are making. 

We manufacture our products for the people purchasing them, knowing what they need, expect, and do not want. They are the reason and the “sole” that drives us and this is what it means when a company gets that they manufacture a “Revenue Generating Asset” and that is the responsibility we have to our customers.

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