Vertical Ribbon Mixer

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The PerMix PVR series Vertical Ribbon Mixer has a similar appearance with the popular Ribbon Blender, but stands vertically.

PVR Vertical Ribbon Mixer is a simple, nevertheless, efficient and versatile blending machine for batch mixing of free-flowing powders. It is able to give perfect result for mixing due to the innovative design of an outer spiral type mixing element with an inner reverse direction screw, rotating together inside a conical shape trough allowing a perfect discharge of the mixed material.


The construction of PerMix PVR Vertical Ribbon Mixer is very compact: it consists of a cone vessel with the drive unit on the top and discharge valve at the bottom, and a tapered ribbon mounted on the central shaft.

In the cone vessel, there is a central tapered ribbon with very small clearance between its edge and the wall. The ribbon moves the materials upward along the vessel wall to the top, where the materials then drop by gravity into the center. During this continuous operation, material particles and heat are exchanged quickly which leads to a homogeneous product. Besides, the material particles are mixed with minimal mechanical and thermal stress, which makes this type of mixer a good solution for fragile and heat sensitive product.


1) High level of accuracy with minor component ratio to be 1:100,000

2) Gentle mixing for sensitive materials without generation of heat

3) No minimal quantity is required

4) Full discharge with minimal residue

5) Easy to clean in either dry or wet way

6) High heat transfer rate, ideal for heating or cooling process of the powders

7) Chopper can be installed for intensive mixing and lump breaking