V-shaped Mixer

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Similar Words: V Blender, V Mixer, Tumbler Mixer, Twin Mixer, Y Mixer, Y-shaped Mixer

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer, sometimes also called Twin Mixer, is one type of PerMix Tumbler Mixer family (the other type is PerMix PDC series Double Cone Mixer), which is very popular for the intimate blending of free flowing dry powders, granules, and crystals. It is featured by the very simple design and easy to clean construction.

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer features a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in a proportion of up to 1:100.000 with the possibility of using an intensifier bar to enhance the mixture, and solids/liquids in powder or granulate form with different specific weights.


The simplicity of design of the PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer allows a low initial cost, easy maintenance and simple operation. It is available from the 2 liter laboratory to large industrial 6000 liter units.

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer can be supplied with a variety of optional features, including:

1) Internal choppers

2) Vacuum/Drying execution

3) Special spray unit

4) Safety fence

5) Mobile trolley

6) Exchangeable vessel