Nutsche Filter Dryer

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The PerMix PNF series Nutsche Filters, or Agitated Nutsche Filters (ANF), are specially designed for solid – liquid separation. They are designed based on the principle of the well-known laboratory Buchner Funnel, but usually operating under either vacuum or pressure for many industrial applications.

By adding a heating system to the side walls and/or introducing a heated agitator, the PNF Nutsche Filter can be transformed into a highly efficient Nutsche Filter Dryer, which can process a concentrated slurry and discharge a dry powder.

PerMix PNF series Agitated Nutsche Filters are designed as a versatile several-in-one system to perform a multitude of tasks including reaction, filtration, caking washing, and thermal drying, within a single unit.


1) Excellent cleanability capabilities using CIP systems

2) An open filter base providing good access to the filter internals for cleaning and inspection

3) Highly efficient drying due to unique underplate heating system

4) Easily interchangeable filter plates, with flat, homogeneous filter surfaces for good cleaning and inspection

5) Multilayer and/or conventional filter materials and good drying performance with special agitator design, large heat exchange areas

6) Suitable for handling flammable, toxic, corrosive materials with extremely safe design


The range of PerMix PNF Agitated Nutsche Filter & Filter-Dryer is widely used in industries of fine chemical, pesticides, wastewater treatment, dyes and pharmaceuticals. To meet the demanding requirements for filters used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients, the PerMix PNF series Agitated Nutsche Filter & Filter-Dryer is designed to meet stringent cGMP and FDA guidelines.-Dryer is designed to meet stringent cGMP and FDA guidelines.