Inline Mixer

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Similar Words: Inline Mixer, Inline High Shear Mixer, High Shear Pump, Inline Disperser, Inline Homogenizing Mixer

An inline mixer is a high shear mixer for inline or continuous operation. In the Inline process, the mixer is installed outside the tank. This makes it easy to be built into an existing production line with normal inlet/outlet connections. In the case to deal with liquid with a low viscosity, the inline mixer can pump the liquid without an additional pump. That is why it is also called High Shear Pump. The mixer can be used to deal with the product in a single pass (as A) or with several circulations to make the product better (as B).

Multi-stage Inline Mixer

The multi-stage (usually three-stage) inline mixer has three sets of stator/rotor systems to enhance its shearing performance. This design dramatically reduce processing time, and in some cases only one pass through the mixer can lead to satisfied products. Please contact our staff for more information about our innovative Multi-stage Inline Mixer.

Multi-row Inline Mixer

In a Multi-row inline mixer, the stator and rotor can have more than one row (2, 3, up to 5 rows), in order to give intensified shearing.

Special Design with Ultra-high Speed

PerMix designs the ultra-high speed inline mixer with the tip speed of about 40m/s. The ultra-high speed inline mixer is belt driven to increase the rotation speed of the rotor up to 13,000rpm (Model: PC-1/60, pilot size).


High Shear Mixers are widely used by a variety of industries in different stages of the processing. They are highly efficient to save a lot of energy and time compared with traditional mixing methods.

– Food & Beverage
Reconstituted milk, Salad dressing, Mayonnaise, Ice cream, Cheese, Yogurt, Fruit juice

– Pharmaceutics & Biology
Drug synthesis, Vaccine, Fat emulsion, Injectable suspension, Veterinary medicine, Cell extraction

– Cosmetics & Daily Care
Detergent, Body gel, Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Tooth paste, Soap

– Chemicals & Oil Industry
Synthetic rubber, Resin, Bitumen, Silicon oil, Dye, Pigment, Coating, Ink, Nano material