Conical Screw Mixer

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PerMix PNA series Conical Screw Mixer is a batch mixing equipment used widely in applications that require gentle mixing and minimal heat generation without any product distortion. PNA Conical Screw Mixer is a highly efficient vertical powder mixer with low energy consumption for batch mixing of powder and granule with various particle sizes.

The PerMix PNA series Conical Screw Mixer is also called Nauta Mixer, named by its inventor Mr. J.E. Nauta. Because no seals or bearings are exposed in product zone, there is no risk of lubricant contamination.


PerMix PNA series Conical Screw Mixer consists of drive unit, conical vessel, transmission assembly, screws, and discharge valve. A spiral screw (or two screws, three screws according to specified application) is located in parallel with the conical wall with fine gap, and screw length is almost the same as the cone side.

During the operation of the mixer, the screw (or screws), that is operated by two different driving units, rotates around the center of the cone. In addition, it rotates at a higher speed around its own axle, according to the planetary principle.


1) High efficiency and excellent homogeneity with short mixing cycle time

2) Most gentle mixing with low shear force, suitable for fragile and friction sensitive products

3) Low heat generation, suitable for heat sensitive products

4) No sealing or bearing is exposed to the product thus free of cross contamination by the lubricating liquids

5) No minimum volume required for the Conical Screw Mixer

6) End products can be discharged completely without any residual in the conical container.

7) Much lower energy consumption compared with other types of powder mixers


1) Easy for cleaning with the cleanout door or spray system

2) Double jacket is applicable for heating or cooling. With optional vacuum execution the PNA Conical Screw Mixer can be used as a vacuum mixing dryer.

3) A variety of discharge arrangements are available by manual, pneumatic or electrical operation.