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PerMix is a Chinese-Israeli cooperative venture with the famous Srugo family in Israel, who has been active and reputed in mixing technology since 1954. Therefore, our strong advantages over other competitors are 60 years of "Designed-in-Israel" know-how along with competitive "Made-in-China" prices! 


We are able to offer not only single machines, but also “all-in-one” systems including tanks, fittings, pipelines, frame structure, electrical control and any other necessary peripheral equipment.

Vacuum Emulsifying System for Prodution of Mayonnaise, Ketchup etc.

PerMix PVC series vacuum emulsifying system is designed for batch production of high quality mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces. It is able to homogenize and emulsify the various ingredients and meanwhile deaerate the product, which helps to produce more stable emulsion and prolong the shelf life.

In our PVC vacuum emulsifying system, there is a specially designed inline mixer, which has a multiple functional working element to provide transferring, dispersing, mixing, homogenizing and emulsifying functions, and eliminate the use of another transfer pump. It reduces the pipes/fittings therefore less risky for batch cross-contamination, and also it makes the whole system more compact. All the system parts are built in stainless steel with contact parts in food grade polishing. Standard sizes of PVC include a full volume from 10 to 1,000Liters, however PerMix is able to built it with customized capacity.


PerMix core technology is the mixing equipment, and we can also supply those equipment for the up- and down-stream processes to provide our customers the solution of a full line.

This includes: loading equipment, such as vacuum conveyors, screw conveyors, big bag unloading stations, bag dumping stations, and even pneumatic conveying systems. After the product is mixed, the product needs to be transported by a bucket elevator, a screw conveyor, or a middle bin to be fed to another down-stream equipment, such as a vibrating screen, a drying equipment, or the packaging machine.


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